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Thanks to Conservation Donors!!!

Hi Folks:

We've started work revamping the preserve section of our web site. We've now got a link called "Meadowview Preserve System" which then has subsets called "Joseph Pines Preserve" and "Central Virginia Preserve". I'll be talking about both preserves at the ICPS conference but for those of you who can't attend these links should help you understand what we're doing and the need. We've updated the donor lists for both preserve. Thank you very much for your support!!!

Briefly, Joseph Pines Preserve is in Sussex County, Virginia and is a 231 acre preserve which is preventing regional extinction of the longleaf pine/pitcher plant ecosystem through an integrated restoration approach. Joseph Pines has just more than doubled in size via a state grant and loan. The Central Virginia Preserve is directly behind Meadowview operations center in Caroline County, Virginia and is an effort to preserve and restore the northern most purple pitcher plant population in the state and to restore a globally rare gravel bog. Both preserves require significant financial support to pay for land acquisition and restoration efforts.

We'll have details at the ICPS conference and in our upcoming newsletter. Let me know if you will be in the area and would like a tour.


Phil Sheridan, Ph.D.
Meadowview Biological
Research Station
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