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TF "App" (progressive web app) have you tried it?


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Just a reminder that along with the new forum software I've got the forum set up as a Progressive Web App. While this isn't actually an app you install (so no worries about space and extra permissions) from the store it does give app like notifications which I think is super cool! Then it opens as an individual page through your browser but more app like than using the browser.

Get notifications only on topics or threads you want! (read on)

To check it out, while on your device with TerraForums open, click the browser menu bar and you should see one of two options. Either "Install app" or "add to home screen" (see below). It seemed to be the same for Android and Apple. From there you can move the app icon wherever you want to see how many notifications you have (conversations and alerts for forums/thread notifications you "watch"). There are also push notifications so you can see right from there what the alert is and if you want to come check it out or not.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have been! As always questions and comments welcome!
Options you'll see in your menu



Option to be alerted for a whole forum (IE general, trade etc)


Option screen for above option.


Options to watch your new post below submit button


Example of App icon with alerts

Screenshot_20210425-081429_One UI Home.jpg