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Testing out the Beamworks LED Pent 36" HI Lumen Timer Ready 6500K on Cephalotus

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Oh, those two Neps came to me as seedlings. Not sure on ID. I do like them, and how the leaves are so different.
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Plus I figure by the time it needs replacement something better/cheaper/smaller/higher output might be available. Though I did toy with the idea of getting another one to stockpile for the future. Surely it is good for one to three years I hope, anyways.
At the rate of advance in led technology, I would think that stockpiling current technology is probably a bad investment
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I agree, I shelved that idea pretty quickly. I do like the idea of replacing like with like whenever possible. Makes things easier with mounting and so on. The timer info I found is a bit confusing but probably not so bad once you sort it out. Course if I was nine to twenty and grew up with pods and pads and mini computers and iphones it probably would be a cinch.:)
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I wish more information about growing with LEDs was available last year before I bought my first light fixture. It definitely looks like a feasible way to go without having to worry about replacing bulbs all the time.
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Here is what my Eddie looks like under a 300 watt led

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I did a couple of years ago, buy an ipod classic, the largest capacity they made. And used it maybe ten times. A friend loaded it up with lots of stuff, but is was not to be a bit of this a bit of that, it was I am putting my whole library on it. The quickest and easiest thing to do. I had itunes on my computer for awhile and hated it, never learned to use it to transfer stuff. Thought it would sync up wrong and erase everything not to mention wanting to update itself every three seconds. Early before Xmas I heard some like it (out of production) were selling for like a grand or more on Fleabay. Did not try though. The idea of giving them 10% and more of that irks me. If it went that way and probably would not. I did eventually go get Quicktime, so now it bugs me from time to time asking if I am sure I don't want itunes...
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Been another week or so now. Here are some pics of my stuff under my 2 fixtures, running 13.5 hrs a day currently. I'm extremely pleased with these fixtures, and have done a lot of searching for 6500k LED fixture, the lumens per watt and per dollar in addition to the coverage area for these fixtures is pretty darn good. I'm getting another 2 4 ft fixtures for the bottom shelf of my tent next month for sure. Pics:

Typical that was pretty badly overwatered recovering very well putting out a couple different growths with multiple leaves each.

Another typical that is doing pretty good. Lots and lots of growth but mostly it's pretty small. Looks like it's gonna give me a couple sizable traps soon though.

My "Big Boy" from RSS's giveaway, absolute beast of a plant. Grows pretty fast and hearty.

"Czech Giant" getting nice and dark under the lights. It must be a partcularly easy one to color up maybe, cause some plants are still all green.

"Coal Mine Beach" picking back up after being one of the worst sufferers of my watering mishap.

"Emu Point" putting out a bunch of new little traps.

"Hummer's Giant" looking like it wants to make another one that size.

2 New "Hummer's Giant" that I just unboxed today before updating with pics.

Sundews are happy 1 week in. I didn't notice anything crazy on the mature plants, but my D. scorpioides gemmae started making traps with red hairs instead of immature white, bigger traps too. So I'd say they like it.