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Terrarium/tank stand build log.

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Thanks for the updated pics! These look great and the shelf is really coming along nicely.

Noticed the open air plants in the back, is your Texas home's humidity levels higher than mine? Which would only have to be higher than 35%-45% on average? Or are you similar levels and giving me some motivation to try a similar setup in my place?

Please say you are lower levels XD
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haha, ahhh, yeah I got my hopes up XD but it was nothing you did.

I just showed my wife your images and explained that this was nicely contained, the space enclosed and out of the way and her response to my proceeding question of, "...could you handle me having something like this out in open in our house?" was just laughter. So I got my response. Wife says no. So I guess I need to hold out hope we can find a house someday with space for a greenhouse out back or an extra room where I can do whatever the H I want to do. :D

Thanks for that link! I am awfully inspired by your setups, loving this!
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RSS, it is a pleasure to watch your handy-work, as always. Your latest masterpiece is looking great. I can't wait to see how it fills out.
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You are too kind.

I figured someone might find this interesting, I mounted one of the LED bars with 8 of the LEDs powered by the moonlight kits. Here is a photo of the tank with a single T5 on the back and the LED bar on the front. I could not tell any difference in light levels visually and my camera was too inconsistent to really be of any use. I think it was the spotlight effect of the LEDs that was causing the meter in my camera to act odd.

DSC_0095 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
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Stand Materials listing:

4 @ 2 X 4 X 10 - $4.22 each = $16.88 (We went with the better looking wood as we did not know if we were going to use a light or dark stain, cheaper options are available)
2 @ 2 X 6 X 8 - $4.76 each = $9.52 (We went with the better looking wood as we did not know if we were going to use a light or dark stain, cheaper options are available)
2 @ #10 4" Deck Screws - $9.37 each = $18.74 (Cheaper options available)
1 @ #9 2 1/2" Deck Screws - $7.99 (Cheaper options available)
1 @ 15 Pack Orbital Sanding Paper = $7.98 (Cheaper options available)
1 @ Quart Stain = $9.49
1 @ 10 Pack Paint Rags $3.97 (Could use old T-Shirts, I've used all mine up by now)
3 @ 1 1/2" Brush - $1.79 each = $5.37 (Cheaper options available, could just use the cloths + 1 brush for the Polyurethane)
1 @ 1/2 Pint Polyurethane $6.47

So far $77.04 + A lot of hours. You could probably get the cheaper options for around $35-40.

Tank Materials

40G = $40
Glass top = $22.99 (Could have glass cut for less)
50W heater with adjustable temp = $17.99 (reused old heater)
10 ft 2" PVC Pipe = $8.44 (reused old pieces)
Lighting Egg Crating = $12.49 (reused old pieces)
Silicone = $5.98 (used current tube)
8' X 4' X 3/4" Refective Foam board = $10.33
PVC fitting for flood/drain pipe = $8.03

Add another $126.25 + A lot less hours than the stand, ALOT less. If you went the cheapest route you could probably do this part for around $75-80.

Shelving costs.

2 @ 16" Shelf Bracket - $4.89 each = $9.78 (There are brackets that would have worked just as well for like $1-2 each, design choice)
2 @ Mounting Rails - $5.59 = $11.18 (Depending on the brackets these may or may not be required. I wanted to be able to move the light up and down very easily and quickly)
1 @ 16" X 3' Shelf $11.89 (Cheaper options available, could have just used a piece of wood)

Total for the Shelf comes to $32.85 + some screws I already had. Took an hour or two, nothing major.
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Figured I'd post up a few photos of how things are going in here.
DSC_0748 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
Nep. maxima seedlings starting to color up finally.
DSC_0747 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0746 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
Ceph 'Squat' - The lack of coloration is largely due to the live sphagnum moss and other mosses I have been allowing to "overgrow" the new leaf pull. I only uncovered it a week or two ago. I'm babying this Ceph pretty bad.
DSC_0745 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
Both Pings hybrids are flowering in there, here is one.
DSC_0744 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0743 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
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Figured I'd update this while I had the tank flooded this morning, they are getting their 30m of approx. 100 ppm ferts for the week.

This is by far the easiest setup I've done to date, once a week I plug a cord in to fill the tank up the the top of the pots and close a ball value. Then allow them to soak for about 30-60m then drain it back down by opening the ball value. Just that easy. Every 4-6 weeks I do a complete water change of the entire system.

Nep seedlings, I've removed and mailed off about 20 from this tray so far.

DSC_0961 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

My next problem....Nep amp that is quickly getting too big for this tank.

DSC_0962 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

Another problem....Ping 'Weser'....I originally only had one plant when I set up this tank. Now I have 12 pots of them....Atleast they are free flowering in there which is nice.

DSC_0963 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

Nep maxima mini (I think) in a seed starting sponge

DSC_0964 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

Ceph in a seed starting sponge + random orchid seedings.

DSC_0965 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

DSC_0966 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

Few orchid compots

DSC_0967 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

Phrag seedlings

DSC_0968 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
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i love your tank, i'd so want to live in it if i was a nepenthes.
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Looking fantastic RSS. Damn...that is one fine looking tank.
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I planted a small Ceph division in one of the larger seed starting sponges and it fitted perfectly into a pot type I had so I included a few of them into this setup. I removed a lot of the moss cap before taking the photo it was a lot more of a muffin top. Its spring so I'm cleaning/moving stuff so this one if out of this tank now. The interesting part for me is that it started to grow roots down into the water, only 1/4-1/2" or so but that is something.

DSC_0160 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

DSC_0159 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
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Looking good Randall. I always enjoy seeing your updates. Your innovative ideas are always a treat to behold. :)
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RSS...quick q...which software do you use for that design and planning? sketchup? or something else?
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Sketchup, just the first free version I found that did enough for me. May be better ones out there.
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Today we torn it down and reorganized everything to allow this guy more room in there. He was cramped up against the back wall and is now in the middle. I really need to build my lowland setup already....time is running out.
DSC_0394 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0395 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0397 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0398 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0399 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

And here is why you don't put them right next to the glass ;)
DSC_0401 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

Random photos while I was flooding it.
DSC_0402 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0403 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0404 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0405 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
DSC_0406 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
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Looking good as always Randall. Thanks for info about sketchup as well. Will check it out. :)
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Lots of babies have moved in and out, most recent would be some Sophronitis coccinea plantlets to harden up for a bit.

Flood/Drain is working great, just wish I had built an overflow into it. Things get really ugly if you forget the pump is on and all that bark medium starts to float :).

I'd love another 2-3 of these, maybe someday.

by randallsimpson, on Flickr

by randallsimpson, on Flickr

by randallsimpson, on Flickr
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Nice wardian case set up. Your plants look happy.