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Terrarium ideas.....

Hello everyone! I recently took out most of my terrarium plants are placed them in there new outdoor setup. I have this empty terrarium that I would like to use for seed germination and neps.
Brainstorming ideas for the setup what would you guys do? Give me some ideas on how to make this terrarium look nice!

Current setup

(8 fluorescent tubes lights in total, each 24W 6500k)

The quickest thing that comes to mind would be replace the wood pieces that are raising your lights up with something like http://www.homedepot.com/p/LP-SPECI...ulding-8205356/202724845?N=5yc1vZara1Z1z11qsk, most if not all hardware stores should have many options. A single strip running across the front and back would make it look a lot more clear.

What type of look are your going for? Personally I've been moving toward automated vs appearance as the years go on.

If your interested in a more naturalistic look, here is some eye candy https://www.flickr.com/groups/naturalisticvivariums/, you can do similar things with CPs following the same principles.
I love the look of naturalistic terrarium, but they require a lot of work (grooming, cleaning, etc) Simple is easier. If you don't mind the work, they are very rewarding.

Are the plants that are moved outdoors ever going to need the use of this terrarium again, perhaps during cold weather? If so, I'd keep it available...
Yes I am going to need to bring in some of the plants during the winter so I need some place in the tank to put them.
I like that tank!!

I've been working on my terrarium for months now and it's still not very beautiful. It's a false bottom with the growing medium on top and the plants are planted right into that. But it's a lot of fun trying to figure it out! I have a thread with pictures of it.. Ive only had one plant die so far.. but there are some that aren't doing the best :/ and I do need to figure out a better watering method..

I've seen some great pics of terrariums with the tray system but it's concealed with lots of spaghnum and driftwood and such so you don't notice that the plants aren't actually planted into it. You could even use soil and put some saucers into the soil and hide the pots? I dunno...
Neps, Petiolaris Complex, and Utrics.