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Terraforums Cup (Nascar Fantasy League) 8th Year


SirKristoff is a poopiehead
Staff member
This will be the 8th year for the Terraforums Cup. If you have an interest in Nascar, and you think you can beat either me or Elgecko come on and join. All you have to do is sign up (for free) and enter our private league. You'll have to pick 8 drivers a week that you think will gain the most points each week. Every year it seems the competition gets tougher.

If you want to join go to:


Group ID# (244)

Password (flytrap)

See you there.

Just signed up.

We need more players.
Time's running out!!! If you think you can beat us come sign up.
I keep forgetting to help set this up for the wife....

Maybe her login will work all year so she can change drivers....