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Terraforums and ad-blockers


Lotsa blue
I have recently realized that I have been unintentionally blocking the ads when I log onto Terraforums. The problem with that is this forum relies on advertising income to function and blocked ads pay nothing. I am wondering if perhaps I am not the only one doing this by default. I use Adblock Plus and it gets me through the more aggressive advertising sites like Yahoo! without totally losing it but it completely blocks all ads here. I feel Andrew provides a wonderful service by maintaining Tf and making it available free of charge and I am all for his making back some money for his efforts. So I have changed my settings for Adblock and I now allow Tf to show all ads. They are very mild and even interesting here so there's no pain involved. I will even click on them from time to time which also provides for financial support. I probably wouldn't post this but I can't help but wonder if there are others out there doing the same thing I have been doing. If so I ask you to please support Tf and turn off your ad blocking apps for this website. For Adblock Plus it is a simple matter of going into their menu and checking 'Disable on Terraforums.com'.
good guy greg approves...
I've always felt this way about most of the websites I visit. Especially those who have creators which rely on the revenue provided (forums, youtube channels, blogs ect.) I think what I get out of a website is totally worth the minor inconvenience of some ads.
I've never had an add blocker, but now I feel good every time I load a TF page. Andrew definitely deserves whatever he gets from the adds.
It'd be worth noting that most ad-blockers also have a "whitelist" function that disables the ad-blocker for sites of your choosing. That's what i have done with mine. A few sites I visit (legit sites of course) have very intrusive ads and pop-ups that I do not like, but sites like TF that rely on ads for income get whitelisted.
ive only had i happen about 5 times since i joined