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Hey all. I love tentaculata! And I recently just lost my new tentaculata (Murad clone) and would really love to replace it without having to place another overseas order. I'd be stoked to find that variety and especially thrilled to find a plant that is less common (perhaps even a seed grown :0o: ). Let me know if anyone has any sized plants or cuttings/basals!

I'd also LOVE to find an ephippiata although I know those aren't too readily available. Any ephip hybrids like vent x ephip and ephip x truncata would be pretty sweet to find as well.

If a trade for anyone would be of interest I need to thin the heard as well. A few plants that need new homes include (I promise this is the last time I'll list some of these):

N. ventricosa x ramispina (really nice plant with two basals developing) I would consider trading this if "the price is right" so to speak.
N. Rafflesiana Large purple clone well over 12"
N. ampullaria Cameron highlands (actually a LLer despite the name)
N. "gentle"
Small N. albomarginata Red form
also possibly N. "riddler" medium-large sized plant.
And for the right species and extra special hybrids I might trade N. spec x aristo and I do have a wild caught sanguinea x ramispina that is beautiful.
Let me know if you'd like to see photos of any of these plants.