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tech question: posted photos are shown as thumbnails

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Lotsa blue
I have noticed that often when I post photos here at tf what shows up on the newly-posted entry are pictures that are the size of large thumbnails. Gradually, over a period of a day or two, they seem to revert to a normal size when I view them. I have seen other's new posts do the same. I use Photobucket and this could be at fault but I wonder if it might instead be a matter of the way this forum's software handles photos. While my computer could be the problem I have no explanation as to why it gradually seems to correct itself. It is a disappointment to prep and post pictures only to get these results.

I welcome any suggestions on how to correct this and I thank you for reading this post.
The last post in a thread (except if there is only one) has ads in it. This causes the rest of the post to resize to a percentage of the normal space. If someone should post to the thread the message containing the photos is no longer at the end and the area for text and photos reverts to the full allocation.
Thanks for the explanation, NaN. It helps to know what is going on.

'Does take some of the joy out of posting a group of photos.
Having said that I see it as more of a glitch than a serious problem. I pay nothing to post my photos and comments on this forum and I have no problem with our tireless administration collecting revenue from advertisements anytime they can.