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Teacher Thread: Report!


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It seems as though many of us TFers are teachers; it would be neat to have some insight into who teaches what and where, etc. In other words, let's have a roll call of sorts. I'll go first.

Hello, my name is Corey Bennett, and I teach grade ten and grade eleven language arts in Dexter, Missouri. I've been at it for about four years now. The kids seem to enjoy the prodigious amount of writing practice they receive, though I am yet to assign anything related to carnivorous plants. I might have to remedy that soon...
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I am not a teacher in the strict sense of the word, but just this year I started teaching adult classes. Generally, I'm better teaching to an adult audience. I got comfortable giving interpretive plant tours, and formed aspects of that into a full-fledged horticultural day class. The first topic was how to grow CPs, and fortunately a couple of botanical gardens in GA and AL wanted to offer it. The feedback was good and I hope to eventually cover additional subjects and plant types.
I teach my friends about the local flora and fauna when we go out hiking. XD That doesn't count, I know...

On a serious note, though, the one higher education avenue that is looking most appealing to me these days would be teaching so it may very well be that I will go back to school to finish an education degree of some kind.
I teach my friends about the local flora and fauna when we go out hiking. XD That doesn't count, I know...

It's absolutely important and great that you do that!! People are losing touch with the natural world right and left!!
left private sector to teach fluid power, mechatronics, etc. about 15 yr ago,
Medium sized community college, SE Ky.
Love teaching! I teach French literature and occasionally in a "great books" curriculum similar to U of Chicago's or Columbia's Core Curriculum. Sadly, no overlap between my plant hobby and my research...
Lecture at the community college on my spare time. Teach insect pest control, plant disease control, and beekeeping. Did more when i was laid off from my regular job.
I did one year of teaching at a private high school in rural Kentucky, but have done far more in terms of one on one tutoring, Math.
almost no such thing as the commons anymore.
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Not really a "teacher" but I run a lab at the University of Illinois that includes about 15 undergrads, three currently doing some kind of independent project. It's my job to make sure they know everything from general lab safety to protocol-specific techniques. Between students having diverse backgrounds or just being unskilled or unfamiliar with tasks, it keeps me good and busy.

It's a biogeochemistry lab so I get to teach them everything from wet chemistry work to instrument operation (mostly gas chromatography at that level). It's been quite a learning experience for me as well. Some folks pick up on things quickly and can be trusted with hazardous substances... others are a walking disaster zone.