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Suprise at the local orchid/suculent shop! :D

Yesterday, I went inside to have a look around. The place mostly sells orchids, succulents, overprices bonsai, bromelaids etc. I was looking around and found a tray full of a few vft's, some sundews, and nepenthes. Some of the vft's looked dead, some were healthy, the sundews were all dead, and the neps looked healthy. So today I went back to the place and bought 2 neps. I passed up a 10" veitchi because I didnt like the pitchers :p and also passed up a nep with only dead pitchers. It looked toothy :D So here are the neps I bought:

Burbigeae :banana2: I love this guy O_O


And I also got tentaculata. Im kind of regretting geting this. Might trade it away even though I just got it lol

Group shot

Sadly, there was no truncata :down: but im super happy about getting brubigeae. Hopefully it will survive. Maybe this place will continue to carry neps and it can become my nep supplier :-D
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why are you regretting the tentaculata?
Nice score there with finding those Neps TOG. :)

It looks like your first plant there might actually be a burb x eddie.

I agree with dvg. It is not burbidgeae, but burb x eddie. The wider, toothy and ridged perisotme is a dead giveaway. The tentac might be pure, thoguh I haven't really had experience with that one.
Myles, I dont know. Maybe its the peristome or maybe its something else. I dont seem to like the pitchers that much. Hopefully it makes a new one and it totally blows me away! :D

dvg, burb x eddie it is!

Hcarlton, the tentac is from BE so I guess we can trust them when they say that its a tentac ;)
Great find!
If you have the room and the patience, hang onto them for a while. Let them mature a bit. I have traded stuff away before then kicked myself several months later when I saw some of the more mature pitchers produced.
Those are incredible finds from an orchid shop. Typically, all I see is the occasional miranda and sanguinea. I wonder what else they had there?
My local orchid shop carries BE Neps but they are outrageously priced, so even with shipping they're cheaper by mail.
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Sweet finds! I would be pretty excited about those.

There are a couple specialty shops here that sell loads of CPs, but the only neps you ever see are the same ventratas.
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I haven't read any of the posts prior, but that burb is actually burb x eddie. Nice looking plant though.
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I like the tentaculata! :)
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Im not trading it for the truncata!! lol thanks
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so in a few years you can have a plant that size XD ahahha
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I edited it and it wouldnt save for some reason so now I replace it with a mole. :down: