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Sundew Terrarium Ideas

I recently constructed a neat new growshelf, but I think it is now obsolete. I've been growing sundews via the tray method for a while now. However, it's begun to get extremely tedious. The humidity stays very low because it is open to the air, and the trays dry out in between rainstorms (I'm still not sold on installing an RO unit :p). I'm also going to college in a few years. So I've deemed this method unsustainable. I'm considering buying a terrarium on craigslist, lining it with aluminized insulation, and laying 2 t8s on top of it. I've done this with a planted terrarium at school at it seems to make a solid amount of light. But instead of planting this, I'm going to add a tray to the bottom and actually organize my dews with square pots. Hopefully it will be very humid for my subtropical dews and I won't have to water nearly as often.

So, any thoughts? I've heard that this kind of setup can overheat. I have a little computer fan I could leave on to provide a little breeze to hopefully cool it down. Does anyone have some experience with this kind of setup? I appreciate any and all opinions. Thanks!

Current method:

DSC02100 by Sundrew, on Flickr

Ideal method (though I don't think I have the skills to really build something like this): http://carnivorousplants.org/howto/GrowingEnvirons/PlexTerrarium.php
I'm getting ready to use an old 20 gallon long aquarium with a glass Versa top and two work lights with 23w CFLs in them. My plan is to use aluminum foil on 3 sides of the tank to reflect light back in at the plants.

When I used the tank for a planted fish tank, the lighting was sufficient to make the plants grow very rapidly (with common liquid ferts) even through water. The Versa top without it's plastic strip is about 2 inches narrower than the tank, so I don't think condensation will be an issue. My plants should be coming later this week (4 cape sundews and 2 rosetted dews).

Did you get your plants in a terrarium? How are they doing?