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Hi i was wondering if i can grab a ant in twesers then release him on to one of my sundews leaves (drosera adelae) its the sundew thats second on the buy a plant thing here.

I may be wrong, but I do believe that ants are strong and that they may be able to trudge thru the mucilage... I think adelaes are better off with fruit flies, or fungus gnats... Something small frail and weak...
I have feed my sundews plethora of ants...if they are to big just hurt them, then you can watch them in pain and get digested some what by the sundew
lol in the morn will do LOL
some of the larger ants (1/2 inch and larger) can get away from a slow tenticle moving dew like adleae, but any smaller ones does great as food. The odd thing is, my adelae and schizandra (2 of the Queensland Sisters) after they will get a large pret item, the item will mold. I guess the high humidty thy are in cuasees that. Good luck-Zach