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Sunblaster T5 High Output and distance from plant

Greetings everyone! New to the forums and longtime carnivore plant lover. I have four 4ft sunblaster T5's high output with reflectors about 11 inches from the ground and 7 inches touching the top of the pots. I am growing about 8 different mexican butterworts, drosera regia, 3 different cephalotus colonies, U. Longifolia, nepenthes ventricosa. These T5's with high output give off some heat. My question is what is considered the correct distance from fixture to plant. I don't want to loose lumens if I have to raise it too high. But I don't want to cook my plants either!
I have one too. I have it over my larger nepenthes specimen. I say about 4 inches away from the source. The leaves move away from the light source so no leaf burn yet. Depending on the size of the largest plants (pictures would be nice) and what one you want care about more ( in term how light levels) I say 12 inches away from the light source is good.
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Hey sorry I almost forgot this post. I added three more 4 ft sunblaster high output t'5's. I have 7 total. I have them about 8 inches above the plant canopy. Still feels kind of warm. My thermometer is reading 80 degree's. Thinking of raising it a little higher. Maybe 10 inches above the plant. I just don't want my heliaphorma and cephalotus to suffer with a lack of lumens. They do have some awesome reflectors but will that effect the lumen output with the distance?
Lots of the T5 bulbs have a label saying how bright they are. I always buy brighter because you can always move the plants away from the bulbs. Not the other way around. I never have a set distance. The plants kinda show me what they need