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Succulents/cacti for trade or sale .........


carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
Well have some pups and divisions I would like to offload. Cp trades are good as is cash ... make an offer. Most of these are plants that will not get terribly large for those of you who are space challenged.

Not a medicinal aloe, this one is almost full size. Tends to form small clusters.


Huernia zebrina and H. schneideriana -- both have been easy growers in my SW window. Flowers of H. zebrina, unlike most of the Stapelia family, are scentless. While the flowers of H. schneideriana are rather foetid, it's not terribly noticable unless you stick your nose right up to the flower. The yellow pot on the bottom and the orange pot are H. zebrina & both have already flowered. The top yellow pot and the white pot are H. schneideriana.


H. zebrina flower


H. schneideriana flower


A small clump forming cacti, it gets its species name from the fact that the little pups near the top can be broken off rather easily giving the plant yet another way to reproduce.


Not a plant for hot direct afternoon sun, many species of Haworthia have "windows" a the end of the leaves. This one belongs to that group. In the wild, it is not uncommon for much of the plant to get buried leaving only the upper portion of the leaves exposed. The windows allow light to shine into the leaf for photosynthesis.


A photo of the mother plant -- has a spread of about 4 inches.


If cps are in the offing, lowlanders that do not require a dormancy preferred.


Lovely! I would love to trade some cps for your huernias and haworthia, but only have enough drosera capensis to trade at this point. I have two stapelias that you might be interested in, (stapelia) orbea variegata, and what I am pretty sure is stapelia tigrida. I have some other great/unusual plants and succulents as well, if you want to talk more about trading. Thanks!
Sent you a pm :)
Just so you know you cannot sell anything on TF. Very nice haworthias though.
Didn't realize that ... I obviously didn't read the rules closely enough. Thanks for the heads up. :)

I'm good with trade too.