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submersed Utricularia humboldtii

Does anyone grow Utricularia humboldtii partially submersed as an "emergent aquatic?"
I've been growing mine in really wet peat moss (like a slurry) but I noticed that some of the bladders were in the air, where I don't think they can catch anything, so I added a centimeter or so of water today. I also hope the extra water will help regulate the temperature inside the container, since presumably it is more difficult to heat up water than air.

I took this picture right after I added the water:

From the other pictures I've seen of humboldtii, most people seem to be growing humboldtii in live sphagnum moss, like Utricularia quelchii. So I was wondering if anyone has ever tried growing it underwater. Barry Rice mentions that it can be grown in a sphagnum slurry, but is that just keeping the sphagnum really wet or does it actually referring to growing it semi-aquatically?
Well I kept my U. humboldtii on live sphagnum but apparently treating it like a Nep left it too high & dry because as far as I can tell it's gone from my collection. I did have it make both types of leaves, the round ones and the more ferny shaped ones when it was doing well.

In the wild humboldtii grows in the basin of bromiliads which are full of water in the bottom and I would suppose, a kind of vegetable matter slurry develops over time as leaves and flowers and so on fall into the bromilad and create a sort of peaty bottom.