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Stray Sundews


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1) Found with seed started D. intermedia:


2) Found with D. admirabilis:



3) Found with seed grown D. aliciae:

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First ones might be filiformis, couldn't tell you with the rest.
Haha! Those things pop up everywhere!
Drosera rotundastickya

D. capillaris would be my first guess on the rosetted ones, based on the cross-section of the petioles.

No idea on the small seedlings in the last picture. They look South African to me.
I'm hoping for filiformis, capillaris, and rotundifolia.... in that order.
The first looks like D. filiformis to me. The second looks oddly like D. adelae...

The third looks like it could be D. capillaris, or D. natalensis.

Nice plants!

Here is a crappy adelae of mine for comparison to the second one.

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my guess:
1: d. filiformis
2: no idea but does look wide enough to be d. adelae
3: d. venusta - wait not sure which drosera needs id'ing in third picture. main one or little ones? i was speaking for the big one but maybe you're saying thats d. adelae

my two cents.
The third one kind of looks like a D. x tokaiensis.
D. rotundastickya? If it looks like spatulata...?

Any follow up pictures on these?
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The one certainly appears to be D. filliformis. It was supposed to have been D. intermedia. Another appears to be turning into D. adelae. The third might be a natalanesis.