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Storing Sarracenia Over Winter?


Formerly known as Pineapple
The smaller, older pictures on my giant S. leucophylla are beginning to die back, as well as my S. purpurea pitchers. I guess the nights that dipped into the 40s in the GH initiated the dormancy. They are on one of the top shelves in my GH, so they are getting the warmest temps. If I put them on the floor, they will get nights in the 30s or 40s and days in the 50s. I was thinking of just putting them down there for a winter. More than likely I'll forget about them, so can I put them in a dish of water to keep the medium moist?

Also, what should I do to the pitchers? Do I cut them off? Where should I cut them back to? Anything I need to be careful about or watch out for? Would it be best to just leave them on there? About what month do they usually come out of dormancy? Will they know when to come out or should I induce the growing by moving them up to the warmer shelves between the end of February and the beginning of March?

Also, I looked in all of the pitchers on my S. leucophylla when I brought it home and there was no liquid in it. I have a faint memory of there being some fluids in the purpurea pitchers, but I never saw any fluids in my S. leucophylla pitchers. What could be the cause of this? Maybe it is just late in the season or something? The fuzz under the lid is a bit sticky and gets goo on your if you rub the hairs. I have it and all of my other sarrs and dews in trays of water, so their media is always moist.

Thanks! :)
Cut the pitchers off. Leave the sarrs in their current spot. They'll know when to come out of dormancy. Dont worry about the liquid.

Yup, what ToG said. Temperatures in the 40s shouldnt be a problem at all. Except I usually leave some of the pitchers/phyllodia on to allow for a bit of photosynthesis during the winter months, but to each his own. They'll most likely come out of dormancy March or April, but it all depends on the weather. Heat and more light will cue them to start growing again.
Okay, thanks guys! Is there a limit to how wet they can be in the winter? Can I just put the pots in a dish with 2" of water? They leuc is in a super large 4" pot and the purps are in tiny 4" pots.
Sarrs like to be a bit drier in the winter. I took mine out of their trays and I haven't even watered them because they rain waters them, but since yours are in a greenhouse and can just top water them like once or twice a week
Try to leave as many living pitchers on the purp as you can. They're slower-growing overall and will hold on to some foliage through winter. They'll appreciate it in spring.