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Stick insects


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Just over last week, I received some stick insects from friends. They are very new to me as pets but the learning curve have been almost vertical!

Lonchodes jejunus
- juveniles, keeps eating and I am running out of food for them, those are guava leaves

ID not known yet
- adults and teens (?), didn't eat for a day when they arrived but the appetites are pickiing up

- a pair started mating on the second day

- male is skinny, orange red

- then eggs were flung all over the place

- and I was told by MIL that poo from stick insects that ingested guava leaves were used as treatment for gastric or digestion problems :0o:

- this poor gal (I think) moulted and lost two of her legs in the process (next pic) :-(

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pretty cool..
We have a few here that are native, and they love brambles. Any kind of fruiting prickers, like raspberries.. usually feed them well.
I used to breed some of the exotic species. They also feed on oak, ivy, privet, boxwood, lilac, knot weed, olive, rose and depending on species....guava, ferns and eucalyptus. Fun bugs, to bad they're illegal to keep in the States.
kewl little critters aren't they? Love it.