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sterilize, sow, stoke: pulchella hybrids

I'm stoked today because two of my pulchella hybrids have germinated recently: collina x pulchella and [heterodoxa x ionasi] x pulchella. In huberi x pulchella, the father's bristles came through nicely. So I'm really hopeful that I can get the orange color, size, and form from HxI plus the bristles from pulchella. Still waiting on most of the seeds in vitro, but I was starting to give up hope so I'm just grateful to see signs of life. FWIW collina x self also yielded viable sprouts.

Congrats on the new hybrids Mike!!

pics please!
Thanks for writing guys, I hope you are both doing well. Thanks also for your generous charity donations.

>After how long?

the collinas and collina x pulchella seed were sown 12/12/13, the [heterodoxa x ionasi] x pulchellas 12/30/13. These were the first of my fall crosses last year so hopefully there's still a chance for the later crosses ([HxI] x minor, [Hxi] X SELF, [Hx minor] x [HXI], tatei x folliculata, folliculata x x tequila, tatei xx tequila and the reverse, tatei x ionasi) to also sprout. I keep my jars probably cooler than I should (constant 66), I think that along with a high osmolarity medium is why germination always seems to take a long time (6+ months for N. rajah), but for various reasons it's difficult for me to arrange a warm days/cool nights regime for the jars.

>pics please!

Since you didn't ask for good pics I can oblige. I always sow everything in vitro but these here were either rescues from contaminated jars or were a few leftovers if i ran out of jars while plating. Clockwise from top left is pulchella akopan, then collina x self, then collina x pulchella.


The [HxI] x pulchella is just a little green radicle poking out, I can't even get a bad photo of that through the jar wall. Here are some of the seedlings from last year [Tim Krug's pulchella x [glabra x nutans], nutans x pulchella, and [glabra x nutans] xx tequila, and my tatei x [arenicola x ionasi] and the reverse, multiplying:


Edit: This below is the huberi x pulchella. NB I didn't have any hand in this, Andreas sold this as a "huberi", but he confirmed that at least one of his clone lines was hybrid. I actually bought this in the NASC auction last year. But seeing the hairs come through from pulchella gives me hope for using that species to advantage in other crosses. What I really hope to make this year is sarracenioides x exappendiculata, it would be interesting to see what sort of nectar spoon or bubble or what shows up in the offspring.

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