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Starting a real bog...


A leuco by any other name would still be as glutto
So theoretically, given the right soil, one could potentially turn a persistently wet part of their yard into a bog by amending copious amounts of peat and planting a thick top dressing of sphagnum. Right? Or am I (probably) missing something.
Tag line: would such an artificial bog be self-sustaining?
Are you growing cps in it? If so the water needs to be pure.

If it is, I would definitely try! Make sure there's not so much water that all the peat washes away while you're not working or during a rain.
It's pretty urbanized, so I bet there is a fair amount of contamination by chemicals. Hardness seems okay per my TDS meter. I have a lot of live sphagnum... might give it a try.

Most chemicals will present themselves as ions in water, therefore detectable by TDS. You should try it for sure!

That is awesome to hear. I'll keep you posted!
I would think you'd want to add a good portion of sand, which given its cost relative to peat is not a bad thing.
The only thing to be aware of (which you obviously are) is that unless it is massive, it has to be isolated from the surrounding soil,unless that is acidic and relatively free of nutrients and water run off from the surroundings to prevent TDS build up. Otherwise yes and it would be relatively, but not totally self sustaining (again unless it is very large).

If sphagnum is growing naturally there then the soil is probably already peat