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Finally had a sunny day.  Took some photos late this afternoon - hope you enjoy:

N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana

N. spathulata

N. 'Peter D' Amato'

N. ephippiata - not sure why lid reflexed

N. diatas - meadow form

N. mira

nice man! do you have more recent pics of that inermis x bongso?
Nice photos. I really like the mira. Can't wait for mine to grow big like that.
the burbidgeae x edwardsiana is lovely, I think I'm going to look for it!
the others are also very very very very nice. Can't wait my mira to make a pitchers like yours!
Lovely pics! N. ephippiata lids reflex for me as well...no clue why either.
I do like the edwardsiana hybrid. looks like your doing real well with that plant!
Oh, all are very nice, great growing, but I especially like your mira and the burbidgeae hybrid.

Does anyone know if this hybrid is still being circulated/sold in the hobby? I haven't seen it on Malesiana Trop. web site for some time.

Thanks again for showing the plants,

Great photos and very, very nice plants! I especially like 'Peter D'Amato' and the "lowly" spathulata. I gotta get one of them.

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Thank you all for your kind comments.  I apologize for the quality, but here is an image showing peristome detail for N. mira:

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Beautiful plants! Your plants are outstanding.
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Nice fotos,but more nicer plants! The Peter D'Amato is also called Nepenthes bridgisiana or something like this...,eehhe.
Could you post some pic of the whole plant and pitcher? I love also a lot this hybrid.
See yah


Milan - ITALY
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N. 'Peter D'Amato' is a particularly red cultivar of N. x briggsiana (lowii x ventricosa). It's a great hybrid, one that I stumbled into owning myself (not the cultivar, I don't think.) Mine came as a pitcherless cutting labelled as N. burkeii x villosa, but it's clearly not that, as it looks like lowii x ventricosa and has hairs under the lid. The pitchers are unique in that they are very rigid, thick and almost woody. If you find one of these, snap it up!