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Southeast flower show


N=R* fs fp ne fl fi fc L
Well, at the suggestion of SarraceniaObsessed I decided to enter the SFS this year. I had 6 entries (N. 'Predator', a 14" P. gigantea, P. agnata x gypsicola, 2 Mexi-Ping collections and a G. hispidula a la the SG pic) judged for both periods. In total I got 8 blue ribbons, 1 red and 3 yellow.

Of course having the only Nep, only Genlisea and all the Ping entries it was hard for me to not place in those catagories but it still feels good. And the judges were equally impressed, even making specific requests for next year (they want the N. 'Predator' back.)

I am already thinking about next year, I hope to have more plants ready by then.
Nice! Maybe I'll enter that one year. I think it would be interesting to have more CP's in competitions like that.

-D. Lybrand
What a great way to spark some little kids (or big kid) interest. I may enter in the county fair this year now that you mention it. It's been a long time since 4-H. Good idea SarraceniaObsessed and way to follow through Pyro !
I saw your plants. They looked great, especially your P.gigantea. My 2 inch plant has a lot of growing to do. I also liked your P.motezumae.

Also, what conditions do you grow your N. predator in?
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Slurm @ Feb. 13 2006,9:15)]I saw your plants. They looked great, especially your P.gigantea.
I did not know you were an Atlantan! Glad someone else got to see them who knows them for what they are.

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]My 2 inch plant has a lot of growing to do.

Believe it or not that plant is from a cutting from Dec 2004. I almost lost the whole plant to a 17F freeze when my heater went out. Only one leaf was still somewhat viable. The result was what you saw. Robust monster!!

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]I also liked your P.motezumae.

Eh, they were okay but they have been better. Wish I had more of them too because that probably would have been more dramatic. sort of a Medusa effect rather than the pair of tufts that they were. Maybe next year...

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Also, what conditions do you grow your N. predator in?

Depends on the time of year. During the warmer months (nights above 50F) it is out on my deck, semi-shade, water when the moss gets dry. Once nights drop below 50F it gets moved in onto the East facing windowsill in the spare bedroom, top water like when outside but with a tray under it.
Wow. That's awsome! Congratulations. I heard you had a 14" P. gigantea.
You should post some pics for those of us who can't get to the show. Don't leave this to our imaginations.

Maybe this will inspire more CP entries in the show next year.
Congrats Travis!!
I am glad you didn't throw in the towel after that disaster Bro, and now hopefully there's a few more folks out there that would echo the sentiment after seeing your plants on display...

You shoulda really messed with 'em and brought some of your Utric collection, tho if they weren't flowering at the time they may have thought you to be a bit daft.... (I just have this mental image of a big flat of 'em on a velvet-covered table, it would just seem so odd)

If only I could grow Pings- we have a local orchid show that I would like to enter an exhibit in next year but it happens in winter when the most impressive parts of my collection are just a bunch of rhizomes...
I'll see if I can get some pics up. I don't actually have any from the show (I did not go over while the show was open believe it or not LOL.) But I can fire off a few of the gigantea as it .


I thought about doing some Utrics but figured a pot of mud just would not do it for the judges. And unfortunatly none of my Orchidioides were in bloom. Next year I hope to have my "ball 'o alpina" ready but that depends on how willing the seedlings are to grow. Or maybe I can trick one of my other Orchidioides to bloom round that time... We'll see.