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Some utric pics

I absolutely love these guys! Here are a few that are currently blooming for me:

U. chrysantha. Started blooming in August and hasn't stopped.

U. livida, blooming up a storm. I guess the crazy flower scapes are what I get for growing on a windowsill.


Even U. sandersonnii Blue is blooming right now! :)

Really nice flowers. I wish my plants flowered like that. My sandersonii and bisquamata send up at most one flower stalk a week. Do you keep them in high humidity? Because I'm growing them on a windowsill too but it's not really helping. They aren't even really spreading to uncolonized parts of the pot.
Thanks! The humidity is around 50-60%, so not terribly high. I do tend to grow them pretty wet, flooding them occasionally, so maybe that helps? U. sandersonnii had no trouble filling the pot, but it was reluctant to bloom for a long time. I flushed the pot with fresh water and then put it back in its tray. Totally unscientific, but I thought maybe simulating seasonal rain or just giving it some fresh water would help. It sent up its first scape shortly thereafter. It also started blooming as the days grew shorter and the weather cooled down, so maybe it needed a seasonal cue?
Gorgeous plants! Cute kitty!
I see. I only got my sandersonii a few months ago, but it was filled with flowers at that time. Since then, it hasn't been flowering much. I grow my plants pretty wet as well. I don't flood them, but I do water them multiple times a day. Hopefully they'll start flowering more when I've had them longer. I'm still not sure why it's spreading really slowly though.
Your sandersonii is quite amazing!