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For Trade Some non cp plants, botanicals and isopods

Aug 29, 2020
West Virginia, USA
I am looking to trade some of my the things I am selling.

I am trading:

Various sized magnolia leaves 26 count - 3 avaliable
Extra large magnolia leaves 18 count - 1 avaliable
Hickory nuts 16 count - 1 avaliable
Walnuts 10 count - 2 avaliable
Dried leaves forest mix 60 count - 2 avaliable
Decaying leaves forest mix 60 count- 2 avaliable
Various sticks and twigs 30 count - 3 avaliable
Various sticks and twigs 55 count - 1 avaliable

Or you could get the whole set for a certain trade or price

I am willing to trade for almost anything so pm me if you are interested. I will include pictures when you pm me. Also if you don't want to trade I can sell them to you, pm for prices.
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