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Some issues with dividing my sarracenia later this year

Though I'm obviously not planning any dividing until much later this year, I'm looking ahead and anticipating. One problem I forsee is this: several of my plants are pretty impressive in size. I have a Sarracenia x catesbaei, for example, that is specimen-sized. As I look at the base of the plant, though, it seems the plant has formed a very tight clump instead of forming a longer rhizome. There are many, many growth points emanating from the original center of the plant, resulting in a full, bouquet-like plant. Do I even consider dividing this when the time comes or do I risk causing too much damage. Other large plants in my collection have formed multiple growth points along the tuber and will be easier to divide. This one, and a few others like it, won't be so easy.


Thanks in advance,
if there is a way to separate the points with at least a few roots attached to each piece, then you can try it.
I'd go ahead and divide it. The growth points should all be fine after division provided you make the cut large enough. This problem frequently flares up with purpureas, pcittacinas, and hybrids involving those, since the tuber isn't big or elongated. However, if you bare-root it, you'll probably find that many of the new growth points are really more like offshoots, and very easy to separate from the original clump. Make sure each division you make has a healthy root mass, though, and there should be no need to worry about damage or potential loss of the plant/divisions.
Why do you want to divide it? Specimen size plants are the best!
unless it starts to decline, I would not divide such a magnificent sarr specimen! Thats is why we grow them, is it not? Usually when the mass gets too dense there will be some decline in the number of pitchers and flowers .This is when dividing is pretty mcuh your only route. I'd give the really large plants a pot upgrade but thats it for now. Sounds like its very happy as is.
That has been an option. I have two of them sporting 30-40 pitchers and the plants look amazing! Maybe I'll try dividing one of them.

Hi Oz

i would divide in late winter or early spring, to minimise the time, the now damaged after division rhizome has, in contact with potential airbourne and soilbourne pests and diseases.

Most purp (and psitt) hybrids tend to have more vertical rhizomes than other sarrs so form close knit clumps. however when you dig it up wash the soil off the roots and look for the growth points, it will be fairly self eveident where the best places to cut are and obviously the more root a cutting has the less likely it is to die or suffer set back.

hope that helps