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After a never ending winter, no spring and late summer it is finally warming up! Here are a few shots taken today of a few of my neglected and in some cases aphid attacked Heli!!


H. minor var. pilosa


H. hispida. Recovering from Sudden death syndrome & aphids!


H. exappendiculata apacapa


H. exappendiculata amuri


H. exappendiculata chimanta


H. tequila. My big old plant pretty well dropped dead through neglect and low light during the winter. All but one of its many growing points shrivelled up and went limp. This section also started to go soft and limp. But after standing it in Trichoderma atroviride started to recover. But went soft again when I reverted to water later. So have been standing it in Trichoderma atroviride ever since and now there are a couple of new pitchers growing. Thanks to Butch for his recommendations and Ampac for the Trichoderma.


I love Heliamphora!!!!!!!

Especially yours!!!!!!!!
congrats on the saves bill, well done mate...

thanks for the kudos... glad it helped :)
I'm sure Kelly will appreciate it too.
I fear I might have tempted fate by posting a photo of my H. tequila as this last few days the limp/drying up has returned! :( The weather has hotted up this week and although the plant is in the cool part of the greenhouse might have felt its effect. But also not surprising any Heli that "recover" from Sudden Death seem to remain weaker for a long time afterwards. A H. neblinae that I rescued a year or so back is still a pale form to what it had been and looks like it could drop dead anytime!! Annoying!!:crap: