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Some almost-kinda-rare-ish sundews...

Gots some pics:

My petiolaris have been getting warm conditions finally, they love summer:





Derbyensis did not upload, but it is lookin good...

D. whatever, probably lantua island hybrid:


D. hamiltonii, finally:


D. spatulata var. bakoensis:


D. admirabillis (spelt wrong...)


D. slackii, from seed:


D. esmereldae (spelt wrong...)


Not rare, but pretty, D. indica PPF...

Nice dews. I like the Falconeri.
Nice dews! That falconeri is a stunner!!
Did you grow d. hamiltonii from seed?
If you EVER have any cuttings available of the D cottonwood, let me know. That is killer.

I have only seen pics of the D petiolaris in books. They look just as stunning, if not more so in your pics. Thanks Peatmoss. That is one of the Dew's that is at the top of my list.
@SDCP's, nah, the hamiltonii are from root cuttings, I think. Got them from a member on another board.

@Mickey, that is impressive sir! My OCD would have caused me to crumble and bring my plant inside...

Petiolaris dews are easy sgt, you should try some!
This is an extraordinarily late reply, but I would like to point out that your D. slackii from seed look a lot more like D. admirabilis.

Very nice plants! I wish I could get my D. indica seeds to sprout.