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small unknown ping

While planting today and pulling various weeds out of several pots a ping that I have got dislodged and a small one (about the size of a dime all told) came loose as well. I replanted the parent and thought I would toss this one into the ring. It has survived temps up to 104F so if heat is an issue, perhaps it would be a good choice. It was somewhat protected under a glass table. Maybe from JS? Dunno, could have been four or five folks. If interested, how about ten people pick a # between one and ten. Whoever picks the # I already picked gets it. No postage charge.

From a recent giveaway I have a ping of a type I have not seen before, and it it browning in the center. I was told it would probably die, but appears to be making lots of plantlets in each leaf axial. Thoughts, ideas, wait, tear it apart and plant the little ones? Is it likely to recover? Should it make babies, I will probably offer up a few. Pic later when I get a chance...
7. Thanks for the awesome opportunity! I figured its about time for me to start moving into pings :-))
I will say 3. Thanks for the offer.
Hi, never did the pics, oh well. The number I pre-choose was 7, so Oregon VFT gets it.
The focus on this may not be so terrific.