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Small things for trade

Hey TF,

I have up for trade a small N. talangensis. It grew very slowly for me for a long time and has just recently picked up the pace. Two pitchers are en route (but it might abort them upon shipping dunno) The coin is a nickel.



I also have about 40+ D. peltata seeds for trade as well. I can either split it 20/20 or all 40 to one person, depends who is interested.

Ideally I'd like to find a small vogelii (comparable in size to this talangensis), other things will be considered as well.
I would love the N. talangensis but I only have a D. cape broadleaf, or Drosera adelae, and some unknown mex hybid pings,if you have any interest pm me
anyone else interested in a trade for these plants pm me
Update: N. talangensis still available. (vogelii pls! :D)
seeds are now SASE if anyone is interested.
Sure, I will do an sase, thanks if not already spoken for!
I would also be interested in seeds if still available..... Thanks
Seeds are spoken for!

No one wants a talangensis? :<
i want a talangensis!!!
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Offer closed. Thanks everyone!