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Small Terrarium

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I have an idea, Just get teeny-tiny nails and a teeny-tiny hammer, and make teeny-tiny hits, and soon you'll have lotsa teeny-tiny holes!
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How about a tube down one corner, and you can suction the drained water up?
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Well see, its a fish tank too. I don't wanna break it... My new betta has taken up residents in it, so for now (until I get a new tank for my betta), I'll wait on the drosera. I dont have money now anyways, it was a future plant thing anyways. I'll still dowhat isaid i'll do anyways.
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Don't bother with the holes. You could try putting somehing in a back corner, maybe a piece of clear plastic or something so that the water level can be checked, maybe like cut the top couple inches off a bottle of water and put it in the corner.
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I was gonna use aquarium gravel, then two or three napkin rings in a corner, sitting on top of the gravel, out of the soil...
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I don't really get what you're saying...