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small rooted pullings from P 'weser'

Hello guys, I have a couple small P. 'weser' plants that have formed from leaf pullings. I'd like to see that they get a good home. I am thinking of repotting them and letting them grow a bit so they have no problems in transit. If anyone is interested in trading for another tropical Ping in a few weeks, let me know :) I'll take a couple pics this afternoon.

I wish I had more to trade but until I get more pulling rooted and growing, I only have one of each.
If you want a P.moctezumae I could do it there was a small plantlet on the side of the mother plant
My apologies, I should have listed the ones I have!

P. 'weser'
P. Agnata red leaf
P. agnata true blue
P. marginata
P. moctezumae
Are you only interested in mexican pings?
for now, yes. I want to keep all the pings under the same conditions without a dormancy to worry about.

What did you have in mind though? :) You may convince me otherwise
how about dews? Alot of them can live in the same conditions as mexican pings.
I'm a sucker for dews :)

currently I have capensis, filiformis, nidiformis, and spathulata.
this is the main plant with the lil pups along side. As you can see, one pulling was just taken, one has formed a small pup and anotherr (the one thats been in ground the longest) has formrmed a nice lil plant that is the first one that will be ready to trade off.




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trade offer closed for now.... gunna give the smaller one more time before offering it up.