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Since my husband said I can't have an Irish Wolfhound, I'm looking for AW advice


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Okay, long story short. I've always wanted an irish Wolfhound. My current house is not really set up for a wolfhound. We spent Sunday visiting my girlfriend and her family. She not only is keeping my daughter's old pony on her farm, she has Irish wolfhounds. When we got home I was depressed that peeps were taking turns riding Iceman and that according to my doctor I'm not allowed to ride anymore. His response was that I can't get a wolfhound.
So, all of that said I am going to finally do a wistuba order as my consolation prize. Any advice on how long to keep bagged, etc upon arrival. i am doing a range from LL to HL but no ultras in either direction.