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Should I repot?

Hello again guys! It's fussy little me again!

My little Laueana is doing fine and growing well but I noticed that when I go to pluck off dead leaves it's really easy to litteraly lift the entire plant out of the pot! It's attached to a clod of dirt and two rocks with moss on it.

Being so easy for the entire plant to be lifted out makes me afraid that I'm hurting it's roots or that it has no roots (and that's why it's not really attached to the soil). Should I repot it to make it more secure?

Or should I wait for when it comes out of it's "dormancy?"

Also, how do you repot a Ping? I know they're prone to root rot and I watered mine earlier this week. I've never repotted anything before and I'm too scared to use fertilizer.

I also know they like light, airy soil but that doesn't mean I should be able to pick the whole plant up by a leaf right?
stop plucking the leaves
There's no need to remove the dead leaves. They decompose quickly.
Pings have super shallow root systems so no, that doesn't mean it needs to be repotted. But yeah, ditto what the other guys said about the leaf plucking
Only reason to pull leaves off is for propagation.
Yeah, leave it alone. Pings have very shallow roots and what you're seeing is entirely normal. This time of year they go dormant and the big summer leaves will go brown and disappear into the soil.
I don't know much but from what I've heard is that carnivorous plants have delicate roots and should only be repotted every two years or so. I've also heard that Drosera is a little more tolerant to this, maybe since it's tuberous.