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Shortbus has Tillandsia! :-O

Well, I was poking around the local greenhouse and a massive shelf of tillies and clumps of spanish moss caught my attention. I'll have to go back and try and get a pic of their display it is massive. Anyhow, I picked up a large clump of moss which is said to have been "fumigated" for pests and half a dozen other tillies "I couldn't live without". Here is a photo or two. I'll update this thread periodically with changes.




Thanks For Looking!
very nice i too have started growing these,and you have some in bloom
Yeah the GH where I found them had many with flower stalks, but most were spent.This one unrolled a new flower as soon as I got it home.
Hey :) nice tilds ! Wish my tillandsias look like this lol i have a funkiana and a ionantha here growing in a corner under a neon.
This thing decided to flower it's heart out! I've pollinated a few flowers for fun.
Very nice!
Amazing looking plant really want to see mine flower now
@DragonsEye and corky: Thanks guys!:) It's a sunny day and seemingly good time to update. The rosey flowering wonder has turned green again. I'm not sure if any of the flowers I tried to pollenate took or not. I don't see anything that makes me think it worked. Oh well, purdy plants comin' at ya...

This last tank looks very interesting!
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This just reminded me to get some tillies on eBay to decorate the GH. Very nice tillandsia you have! I love the one with the pink flower. :)
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Tillandsia plants really are amazing! Maybe this is how people first began to attempt hydroponics! (Key word: attempt. ;))
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i need more tillies,they look great
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i need more tillies,they look great

Hehe :) tillies can be VERY addictive!
I have many baby funkiana & ionantha here, they are so cute.
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What is your watering cycle ?
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Tillies most def addictive!:) I am a noob for sure with the tillies so none of this is truely a set method. I water probably twice a month with a sprayer usually at the same time I am top watering dews. Otherwise I turn the fogger on full blast maybe once/twice a week when I am working in the GH or the humidity drops significantly and I'm sure they nab alot of moisture from that as well. I keep RH at about 85% +/- about 5%. When I fertilize dews maybe once or twice per year with weak solution I make sure to hit the tillies with it at the same time. Not sure any of this is proper method because I have researched very little.
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If they're flowering like that, seems like you've got the light right. That's a nice sized T. bulbosa you've got too. I can highly recommend picking up a T. butzii for decoration too, it's one of the most colorful ones.

As long as they get saturated when you water, long enough to absorb some of it before it evaporates off your watering is fine. Just be careful not to let water sit in the bases of the leaves as they can and will rot. That's the reason you see many people growing them downward, pretty much no rot ever. You can also just toss them all into a bucket of water with mild fertilizer 2x a month and let them sit for an hour.
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One thing I've noticed/learned is that the "whiter"/fuzzier ones, I.E. more trichome development, are the ones that are more adapted to high light. Whereas the greener ones are somewhat more shade loving plants (Shade loving is a relative term because they still like WAY more light than most neps I think). I have a huge bunch of these larger ones that are on my porch in full blasting SoCal sunlight all day and are loving it. They came from my bosses 30+ year old plant in her backyard and were stoked to get more light. They flowered immediately! I'll post some photos in my thread soon. Your look great mang! Considering how inexpensive and awesome these little bromeliads are I don't know why they aren't strewn all over everyones setups...
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Thanks for the reply, for myself i water(flooding mist) twice or 3 times a week, with demineralized water. I have no particular setup, just white stones. They get dry very fast after watering, 3-4hrs max.
The RH% range here is 35% to 65%, and the plants look happy.

I sold all my adult plants and im now growing the babies (ionantha & funkiana).
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As a longtime tilly grower, the number one most important thing (aside from respecting light requirements, but that's true of almost every plant everywhere...) is AIR FLOW. More important than getting the humidity or the ideal lighting just right is air flow. Keep that in mind and you should have happy tillies.

My fave is T. paleacea. A nice sized clump is staggeringly beautiful. Mine forgave years of less-than-perfect light and underwatering because it got plenty of air flow. When I moved it to some sunny windows and gave it periodic soakings, it took off like a shot. Another forgiving tilly is T. duratii - again, I had a specimen that, while far from abused, was also far from its preferred conditions. Once it got sun and heavier waterings, POW.

They're great plants - enjoy!
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I picked one up not long ago from a nursery- no idea what species it is but it had several flower stalks putting out 4-5" flower columns when I first got it but they've all pretty much been spent out. I have mine growing on the top shelf of an outdoor succulent grow rack where it's fairly shady. It gets a few hours of morning light but that's about it. Lately I've been thinking it's getting too hot. I notice leaves dropping into lower racks' pots. I spray mist it twice a day though so not sure if that's good or bad or what.