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Short notice Non-Ided Utricularia Possible Orchidioides or longifolia

The plan is to pack this up tomorrow morning and mail it off, so I would need the postage paypaled before the end of the day. I will be picking the winner in about 8-9 hrs. Sorry for the short notice but health issues have made it hard to do much and I'm feeling well enough to actually make some progress in my plant room.

This plant was originally sent to me as U. quelchii and is clearly not the primary plant growing in there. I have not had any flowers so it could be any of them. This is a good plant to start out with if you have never tried growing any from the orchidioides group although it could also be a longifolia or a cross of some type.

Postage will be $10 unless you think you need a heatpack then add $2.

Since it is Veterans Days any veterans are allowed to sign up twice :-D. This will be on the honor system so no lying :nono:

Usually sign up. Continental US only.


DSC_0012 by randallsimpson, on Flickr