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Shipping Sphagnum Cultures?


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The time has come when I need to begin selling some stuff. I'm at a loss with Sphagnum because I don't want to remove it from the culture and force it to "start over" but I want it to ship well.

Is there a method for shipping a Sphagnum culture (contained + live Sphagnum in it)? Is it possible to drain the culture (but keep it moist) then wrap it in some sort of saran wrap to keep it held together, then contain that inside a ziplock bag to lock in moisture and pack tightly around it in the box so that it doesn't shake around? My goal is to keep it in culture form so that the person receiving it doesn't have to spend a full growing season getting it settled in.

If there were only gyroscopic shipping boxes...
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See paragraph 3.4 on shipping liquids via US Mail.

Please note that live Sphagnum moss is classified as a soil or soil mix and is subject to plant quarantines when crossing the border into many states such as AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT or WA.
A few months ago I had a few cubic feet of Sphagnum and peat sent to me for work. They'd been freshly dug up so were quite wet. For something large like that, each cubic foot was placed in a trash bag, then put together in a plastic cooler and shipped together. For anything smaller, that's probably overkill except in that you will want both primary and secondary waterproof containment. If you're not shipping a particularly large quantity, double-bagging with zip-top bags would be a good idea. You may also want to look into small styrofoam coolers as a useful way to keep the shape of the culture and mitigate leaks and temperature effects. Using a plant pot of appropriate size to keep form would work well, too (though, no sharp edges if you're shipping in plastic bags).
Grab a handful, stuff it in a ziplock bag, then bag it a second time. Done. There's no sure way to ship Sphagnum to preserve the "culture" - just bag it and go.
Yup I got mine shoved in a ziplock bag