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Shipping Sarracenia

Hi guys! I want to take a quick survey.

What are the best methods for shipping Sarracenia (particularly large, tall ones) that you have either used or seen others use? Rhizomes with the pitchers chopped off are fine and dandy. But when you've got plants with 2-foot-tall pitchers, how in the world can you get them from point A to B intact?
Many of us also simply cut the pitchers so that it fits in the box. Here's are examples of plants that I just received, yesterday and potted this morning:

They will be just fine in a few weeks, with new growth.
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Last year, I received a S. leucophylla packaged in this manner:

It was shipped bare-root. Roots were wrapped loosely with a bit of LFS to keep them from drying. The entire plant was wrapped loosely in plastic wrap, and then in newspaper, also loosely. The newspaper was taped securely to the box (which was long and narrow, and of a size suitable to accommodate the pitchers.)

It has done well for me. Assuming the post office doesn't abuse the package, the same method should work for almost anyone.