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Shipping CPs


NECPS Editor
Hey Folks,

I've been unable to find any posts on this topic through the search feature. I took several cuttings of my Nepenthes x ventrata and will be doing some trades/giveaways in the future. They've developed roots and need to get longer before they're ready.

Does anyone know of any guides regarding the proper shipping of various CPs? Any info on shipping ANY type of CP would be great.

A good way to ship nepenthes - take the plant and CAREFULLY wrap the roots in a wet paper towel, then
Seal it closed with seran wrap. This keeps the roots good and moist. You can then bag the rest of the plant (rootball included) in a plastic bag. This will keep them wet and humid.

Also if you want to ship when a plant is potted, you can put a few layers of tape over the soil media when its in its pot( to keep the soil from flinging around during shipping) then find a dixie cup or other container to put it in to act a terrarium to hold humidity while shipping. Put it in a box and hope that they hold up