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Share Your Brocchinia!

Who else has this plant growing for them?
what a beauty! so much growth! what kind of lighting do you use?
Various different kinds, though in the greenhouse there I use mainly 4 foot T8 shoplights, along with a couple 2 foot versions. I don't pay as much attention to the details on lighting like others do, as so far haven't needed to.
heres my brocchinia soaking up those soon-to-be spring sun rays :woot: its definitely growing back again idk if you saw my other thread a while back where I talked about how it was almost dead from several shocks it recieved
Looks like it's getting there, for sure.
Every other week or so, with dilute fertilizer, like the rest of my collection. I use Maxsea.
Took a couple more shots

First one shows the wax coating on the leaves really well

And here, you can see it's nowhere near how the wild plants look, but still pretty tubular by cultivation standards.. if only I had a full-sized greenhouse for it....
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I think that's tubular enough for indoors like you said, I wonder if an insect would easily slip on that waxy surface, mine is still gripable. How long have you been growing yours for hcarlton?
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Yeah, they're actually really easy to grow. Surprised more people don't have them, but that may just be due to the slow reproduction cycle of these guys.
I've been growing mine since somewhere around November/December.
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New pics:

That big leaf on the left hand side of the pics has pushed this plant to over 20" tall now, and I find it intriguing that these leaves are producing that lighter stripe down the middle now.
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could it be a variegated Brocchinia? its truely amazing! it seems like the summer promotes fast growth.
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This was mine, but has since died. I neglected it.

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Another shot. Mine has exceeded 25" high, and barely fits in the space it has in the greenhouse anymore!
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My B.reducta is flowering. I need to get it outside this week.

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Well done guys, the B. reducta look awesome and gorgeous. Are you planning on pollinating yours, Cthulhu?
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