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Sewing Machine Questions

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So I am looking at buying a sewing machine for some art projects I want to do when I get laid off.

I have never used a sewing machine before but I have been reading reviews and decided that this one looks like it could give me the best bang for my buck:


The reviews are good for the most part both on Amazon and on Youtube and setup seems simple according to the Youtube videos I've watched.

Anyhow, if you have this model or another sewing machine I'd like to hear from you on what to look for, etc.

Thanks! :awesome:
What type of projects? Types of materials to be sewn, kind of stitching needed. can't give advice without knowing more details.
I will be using it to make costumes for one of a kind art dolls or art clothes. So I would be assembling assorted things from thin cotton or silk to burlap and faux fur.
As long as the faux fur is not too thick, looks like it can handle it. Maybe others can chime in as well.
Is the sewing area ("foot"?) adjustable for various thickness of fabrics? Like I say, I have no clue on these sorts of things.
It comes with 7 different feet, including a semi walking foot. reviews say it's okay for general purpose sewing for light weight/average weight materials but not for multiple layers of denim.