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Seeking seeds of or preferable plants of Drosera madascarensis or U. intermedia/minor

Seeking Drosera madascarensis and/or other stem forming Drosera or these utrics. Trade possible for different aquatics/utrics. This is part of a three -way (in the future) trade so, cannot say at this how it will/might suss out. But something I wish to persue. pm and I am sure we can work something out. No real rush on this, between now and Feburary is my target date.

I have some D. madagascariensis seeds ripening right now. They'll probably be ready within a couple weeks. I also have some smallish D. madagascariensis leaf cuttings that I could focus on feeding to grow up a bit in the next couple months. What sort of utrics do you have? I'm also open to all sorts of other plants.
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