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Seed trade

Hello everyone I have 3 or 4 packs of extra seeds I would like to trade.

D. intermedia

I hope some thing to trade thanks
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What are you looking for? I have some sarr seeds I could trade. I have S. oreo "Alabama" x flava cupurea "BH", S. flava var. ornate x oreophila ornate, and a few others. I will post a more complete list when I get home from school. I am interested in either Bumannii or Rotundifolia
Pm me what u have goodkoalie
I'm interested in D. rotundifolia and have an abundance of B. liniflora seeds.
I'm sorry jimscott i have trade all them already I would have for shore traded u though
I have some sarrs seeds you can have for postage/SASE;).
Did somebody say seeeeds?

Would you be interested in Drosera indica sir?
If you what the intermedia David pm me