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seed stratification

I was flipping through "the savage garden" and peter had mentioned on numerous occasions that light frost was beneficial to germination. My question to you guys was, has anybody experimented on putting stratifing seeds in the freezer for a couple hours during the strat period. I wasn't sure if this would help to break the hyrdophobic wax coating on the seeds better?
I never use stratification on my seeds, and everything grow like weed. (Sarra, dionea, darling etc)

This year i sow various sarracenia seed(not hybrids), and i have 19 seedlings with 20 seeds. Without stratification.
I have always done a six week strat in the freezer with good results for sarrs and cranberries (yes I grow my own). I figure that the seeds naturally go through a solid four month strat around here so they would benefit from an artifical one.