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So I thought I'd start a thread of my recently started and still growing Pinguicula collection. It's modest for now but I could see it getting out of hand since I like them so much. There are pictures I took previously of these butterworts over on my introduction to Terraforums thread if you'd like to see how they've come along. I've got a couple jaumavensis leaf pullings that are starting to put out new plantlets as well as a laueana leaf that's doing the same. The two cyclosecta I tried to start just rotted/withered probably due to too high humidity and not being in as succulent of stage as the other leaf pulling attempts.

Pinguicula jaumavensis

P. cyclosecta

P. laueana


P. 'Aphrodite'
I just picked this one up over the weekend at a garden fair. Usually don't go for hybrids but this purchase may have opened pandora's box.

Drosera burmanii weed in the Aphrodite pot
I noticed tonight there's a snail crawling on it.
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I just picked this one up over the weekend at a garden fair. Usually don't go for hybrids but this purchase may have opened pandora's box.

No, don't go to the dark side! What did you do with the snail?
I didn't know that D. burmannii enjoyed escargot. That picture shows the beginning of the story, I want to hear the rest of the story. Who ate whom?
Nice looking plants! Get rid of the snail!
I personally prefer hybrid Pinguicula because a lot of the time they look much nicer than species.
Nice collection!

P.S. Word of advice though, in the future consider switching the plants to 100% mineral media like Turface or turface : perlite : sand mixes in order to avoid pretty much guaranteed crown and root rot and fungus gnats nibbling on your plants' roots. Search the threads if you are in doubt :) Mexican pings don't naturally grow in organic mixes and are robust enough to survive frequent transplanting.
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Thanks for all the responses! About the snail...I just left it there. The snail seemed to be able to move with impunity and when i checked back shortly after the snail was gone and no plants harmed.

About hybrids I really like to appreciate the truly naturally ocurring plants more. It is just personal preference. Some of the hybrids are pretty but I'd be more excited to get some of the rare species I only see for sale from Europe or Asia that are interesting in their own right.

[MENTION=8211]gill_za[/MENTION] i appreciate the advice. I have actually been looking for turface locally but all the shops seem to be kind of wholesale oriented baseball diamond shops that I haven't been brave enough to call up yet. I've heard rumors of turface in other retail shops but no real leads yet. I'm real hesitant to order something heavy like fired clay online. In the meanwhile though I figure I will learn what the plants like before I try a medium I have no experience with.

Here's some leaf pullings. First two are P. jaumavensis. I pulled these leaves first thing when I received the plant on April 15th.


Here's P. laueana. Not sure when I took these but they were started before the jaumavensis and have been a little less aggressive to offset. It's in a salsa cup with some red sphagnum.
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look up aquatic planting media from pondcare/api. should be available in walmart or online. wash it few times till water stays clear and tds is low.
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Better would have been to crush the snail. Bush snails can reproduce rapidly and can be major pests.

Nice cyclo. If does well for you let me know. I have moranensis aplenty.
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An update on my Pinguicula and leaf pullings.

Here's P. laueana. The first picture is now:

And this is a picture at the beginning of April when I first bought the plant...what a difference!

P. jaumavensis

P. cyclosecta. Not looking great for that leaf pulling but won't give up

P. 'Aphrodite'

Aphrodite flower

Aphrodite leaf pulling offsetting on sphagnum growing on rock

P. laueana leaf pulling old leaf died off, new growth still green

P. laueana in 75%+ humidity terrarium on chopped red sphagnum

And the little jaumavensis leaf pullings I'll post pics of next time. Just transplanted them but they seem to be doing ok and establishing their first roots.
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Nice laueana. Did you get it at Paxton?
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cwatson1414 yes I did get it at Paxton Gate for $10. My friend also got a moranensis and Gina there on another occasion.
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Cool! I saw that laueana there and almost bought it as well. Also, I had problems with cyclosecta pullings, but never any other pinguicula. I've noticed that their leaf margins are very brittle and often break during removal. IME damaged leaves often rot before striking, or rot away shortly after producing a plantlet.
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bulblet ( plantlet) feeds on succulent leaf, so this driers and rot , after, is normal , but it must also do so for other species of Mexican.

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Nice Plants! I have an 'Aphrodite' that has been blooming it's head off the past 4 months. They are also good at multiplying.