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Sarrs in CO

Decided to finally share some new pics, some things are actually looking nice in the dry weather out here..... :p
S. x swaniana

S. 'Daina's Delight' gets really dark up here....

A seed-grown leuco with some serious red

(rubra x oreo) x purp burkii

rubra alabamensis turning copper

rubra gulfensis x alata "black"

purp purp Easton, MA with the heavier veining

And lastly, an SG psittacina
Nice looking plants :) . How does the kiddie pool work out for you?
Pretty well actually. The only thing is I'll have to find a place to store it over winter, or they start to seriously deteriorate.
The season is winding down, and we're expecting possibly some freezes in the next few days, already, so these may be the last pics of my temperates I will have.
Starting off:
S. alata alata. This plant seems to get a cherry lip as the pitchers age.

Daina's Delight, always a charmer.

My S. leucophylla SG, a very red form apparently

The S. (rubra x oreophila) x purpurea venosa burkii

S. flava atropurpurea x ornata. This one has turned out almost solid atro in the aged color

S. 'Judith Hindle' always has plenty of veins, but rarely do they last long enough to go purple

S. rubra jonesii was hi by thrips, so it's till small, but good colors still.

A new cross, possibly soon-to-be cultivar from Sunbelle and a new favorite of mine, S. 'Snake Bite'

My SG psittacina, not much color, but prolific growth.

Highlighting one pitcher on one clone of my Easton purpurea, this one has very little veining

By contrast, clone 2 has a lot of color

One good pitcher on a prolific S. rubra alabamensis

Still loving the color on this S. x swaniana

A S. x readii that has some intense colors. At least, I believe this to be readii, and not x bellii

S. rubra gulfensis x alata Black finally got some color....

And just because, two flytraps out growing with them: a Dentate and a very large typical form.

That's all for this year probably, so enjoy!
wow, your plants look great. You are so luck to already have your plants in fall, for my plants summer just ended :(
Those Sarrs look great! What do they eat in Colorado, humming birds? o_O
No, just yellow jackets and flies.
Oh I am liking the Snake Bite one! And that alata is wearing lipstick haha!
Is that the S. x swaniana you got from me? The other division I have is super red all the way down to the rhizome.
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Probably was you. The whole thing does go fully red blushed all the way through.
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Nicely grown H! Let's swap some rhizome divisions in the spring... :)
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Maybe.... I don't have many things that are dividing though, just the common ones: Daina's delight, x readii (it is the dark one though), alata, etc.
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mabey we could trade some rhizomes this spring :)
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Things are finally waking up!
S. flava atropurpurea x ornata is probably the furthest along

But others aren't far behind: S. flava rugelii x oreo

S. oreo and flower bud

S. x swaniana flower buds

And 'Scarlet Belle' always has early flowers

Open pitchers and flowers are probably still a month away, and due to cold night temps and occasional snow (like tomorrow) I'm still shuffling them inside and outside every day, but spring is on its way.
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So, now that I've had a couple stretches of multiple days with nights above freezing, things have begun to actually grow......
As always, the first plant to fully wake up: S. oreophila Meadowview

Since these pics were taken, the plant has sent up a developing pitcher that will likely exceed 2 feet in height, and the main flower has fully opened and been pollinated, with 3 more on the way. And, currently, my last count gave me somewhere around 8 or so growth points among 3 plants.
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New flower! S. 'Scarlet Belle'

There are a few more plants yet to bloom, like x swaniana, rubra alabamensis and jonesii viridescens, and pitchers are opening up on a few more plants now. I give it a month before everything is in full swing though.......
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Not everything pictured I can take credit for, but the season is starting to warm up finally, and the new arrivals still look great:
Seed-grown (x courtii x rubra alabamensis) x 'Candy Striper', showing a lot of courtii influence

flava cuprea

alata rubrioperculata

leuco 'Tarnok' dreams of being a Heliamphora

flava rubricorpora L x Best clone, Liberty Co. This plant has just gotten darker as time goes by, but the lid has stayed bright yellow

flava atropurpurea is not fully colored, but it's still great looking

leuco Baldwin Co. AL starting to show size and shape variation

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New arrival, S. (rubra x oreophila) x purp burkii, since the last one did not survive the winter. This specimen appears far superior, though

Not a Sarr, but a nice companion plant: Viola lanceolata

S. 'Snake Bite'

alata Van Cleave, MS

'Judith Hindle'

Always the best looking in the pool, oreophila Meadowview. Look at those veins!
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Had a hail storm a couple weeks ago, but only one pitcher out of the entire pool seemed to get hit. Just my luck: it was the only good pitcher on my new flava rugelii A x B

Meanwhile, good pitchers are opening on the (leucophylla x flava) x leucophylla, and the veins are stunning

And, the first pitcher formed in my care on flava rubricorpora L x Best Clone. Even after being shipped and then potted up, the new pitcher turned solid red
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They're looking great! I like that Oreophila the best outta the bunch also you're doing a good job with it