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Sarrcenia germination


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
:boogie: I have had successful germination of seed that I had collected last season and kept refrigerated but didn't stratify. This past spring I straified them and planted. I now have growing S. purp "semiveinless" x S. Purp "semiveinless" (2 different plants), S. Flava v ornata x S. Flava v ornata (2 different plants) and for the fun of it S. purp semiveinless x S ornata. I'm not sure if I wrote that last one correctly. The purp was the pollen parent and the ornata was the pod parent.:boogie:

The purp seeds are from the same batches (I had three total pods) as the seed I donated to the auction this year.
Congratulations! Sounds like some nice plants. I think the ornata goes first if it was the mom.