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Sarracenia not flowering

Hey guys,
none of my Sarracenia are flowering or showing signs of new growth. Whats wrong? I have about 30 plants not one is flowering or growing. I live around Atlanta. They are grown in the greenhouse. They highs are 76-82 in the greenhouse. Although I'm afraid that they may not be flowering due to low light levels. They dont get much direct sun. Only maybe an hour or so. Mostly just bright light. If it helps these plants are new to the gh. I just put them in there about 1 month ago. Should I put them back into the higher light levels? I have some flourescent lights going to be put up in the next week. Will these be enough?

Please Let Me Know.


I might be able to send some pics of the gh, plants exc. through email.
Your Sarracenia may simply not be old enough to flower. As for not growing, where these plants in dormancy and just now brought out to start spring growth, or have they been growing for some time since they were dormant?

Also, if these plants are recent purchases, they may simply be too young. My 3 year old Sarracenia purpurea from tissue culture sent up a flower this spring for the first time since purchase. Its also about 6 times larger than when purchased.
they are mature at least some of them. they have been out for almost a month now
They definitely like lots of sun... that might be your problem.
Mike, I feel for you. It's still early, give it some time. I live in zone 7 and the only plants doing anything is S. flava (they have flower buds). I have some plants that I have had for several years that haven't bloomed either
but they grow well enough. Maybe this year. Jack