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Sarracenia flava seeds!

just got some seeds from a friend in a trade. He wasnt sure what they were but his best guess was Sarracenia flava. there is around oh idk 12 seeds left from what i planted. if someone thinks they could do a good job raising these id be happy to send them your way. also i would love to add some variety to my new plant family and if you have a few seeds of any type id be happy to trade these rather than give them away :) pm me or just reply to the thread. i will most likely send to the first person that asks really but reserve the right to give it a day or so in case someone has some they would like to trade :) thanks again.

I have some sundew seds I could trade: D. capensis, D. intermedia, D. spatulata Frazer. I also have seeds of Utricularia subulata on the off chance you might want to try that. It's a good companion for other large CPs.
I would love to try and grow the intermedia, with mayor a few spatula seeds sprinkled in? Send me a pm :D
flava seeds gone. dont know how to close threads though :?