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*Sarracenia breeders* Need help in picking a species to get started

I need some help from the community at large......I have a fairly good collection of hybrids but I want to take my passion to a higher level and make my own sarracenia hybrids.

Unfortunately from what I have gathered I cant really do that as of yet.....basically all I can do is throw grexes together and hope for a nice plant. That is not the direction I want to take!

The direction I want to take is different.....I want to build up a good collection of species in an attempt to make a hybrid worth mentioning one day. Basically I want to build from the ground up!

But due to many limitations I can't just go all in so for this year coming up the best solution I can come up with is to pick one species and get as many variants of it as possible in an attempt to make a nice hybrid the following year.

what species do you guys think I should go with?

personally i like giant and colorful sarracenia as far as shape goes I am kinda partial to flava's but if another species will give me larger, more colorful sarracenia perhaps I can start off on a different direction but really need some input from the people who have experience breeding them.

while i am not 100% certain I do know that some species are off the table to start...purps, pritts, rubra's and minors.

For instance I have stumbled across some information that suggest that flava var rugelli has 'giant genes' in it. Like if the rugelli is used to make a hybrid with something else that the chances of getting an offspring that will grow tall are increased. Any truth to that? If so what other sarracenia have that trait?

So I am guessing my choices would be leuco, flava, oreo and alata. Man those are some tough choices bc I love a leuco too(prob flava and leuco's are my fav). Anyway based off my taste for tall, showy sarracenia(however if I had to pick 1 trait I want height); which of the 4 species would you choose to collect to begin building a genetic melting pot?